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  1. Get lower pricing on crop inputs

  2. Lock in supply

  3. Potential tax benefits – talk to your tax advisor

  4. Receive price protection on most items between September and June (10 months) of each season

  5. Free your schedule to work on other things



  • Our prices go up approximately 1% per month on seed and crop protection products, plus any additional price increases that may occur in-season.  Early programs often run out and/or manufacturers decide to raise their prices in-season, so it is common to save an additional 2% to 5% in total PLUS 1% per month by prepaying.

  • If you need to switch products, we will do that for you at prepay pricing (based on the month you paid) up to the amount you prepaid.  For example, if you return $5000 worth of a product you prepaid, you now have $5000 worth of credit at prepay pricing for other items.  If you want $8000 worth of something else, the first $5000 is at the prepay price, and the remainder is at the current price.

  • If you prepay and the manufacturer or seed company lowers the price on almost any item by June, not only do you get the lower price, you get the lower price plus interest.  For example, if the price goes down in April and you prepaid in December, you get the new April price less 4% since you prepaid 4 months earlier.  Roundup is limited to $2/gallon protection through April 30 and no price protection after that.  No price protection on any other glyphosate products.

  • Every year, the best hybrids and varieties and a few crop protection products sell out.  By prepaying early, you are often able to lock in exactly the products you want, which should help your yields and profitability.

  • If you have unused prepay money, we will return that to you anytime you request it.

  • If you need a refund or need to carry some prepay money into next season, we will give you an extra discount if you have had more than $4000 here for at least 3 months.  Talk to a Hefty Agronomist for details.


Call one of our Hefty Seed – Princeton Agronomists today!

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