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Like the strong White Oak, the state tree of Illinois, Hefty Seed Company – Princeton has its roots deep in the soils of agriculture. The trunk or core of our organization is in production agriculture. Our knowledgeable agronomists will help you choose the right product. We offer excellent priced agricultural seed, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide and fertilizer products.

Our company’s families have been or are currently involved in growing crops for many generations. In this business for almost 55 years, we have built our reputation on serving the farming community with honesty and integrity. We understand your needs! The many branches of the tree denote all of the products and services that are offered to help increase the knowledge, growth and productivity of your operation. The leaves stand for our customers, whose loyalty and patronage continue to allow our business to grow and evolve. One cannot be successful without the other.

….just like the roots, trunk, branches and leaves of the strong and sturdy oak tree.

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