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Hefty Seed Company - Princeton will host its Winter Agronomy Event on

Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at our store.

20270 County Rd 1800 N Ave | Princeton, IL 61356

Tuesday, December 13th (Meeting 1PM - 5:30PM with Dinner and Social at 6PM)

Wednesday, December 14th (Breakfast 7:00AM with the Meeting from 8:00AM - 12:00PM)

Paul W. Bodenstine


Eric Winans, Ph.D.


Ed Corrigan
Senior Agronomist


Brian Haschemeyer
VP of BRANDT Discovery & Innovation


Seda Klachko

Pivot Bio

Cody Goins

ROI Biologicals

Tim Kelly

Southeastern Ag Labs


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Paul W. Bodenstine, Agronomist

Paul has worked with commercial farms and private agribusinesses in twelve states, developing high yield crop production systems for wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, tobacco, sugarcane, cotton and vegetables with an emphasis on balanced plant nutrition and the role it plays in plant and soil health. His clients have won many state and national yield contests while setting new record high yields. Paul is one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in agriculture today.

Brian Haschemeyer, VP of BRANDT Discovery & Innovation
Ed Corrigan, Senior Agronomist
Eric Winans, Agronomist

BRANDT D&I oversees product development of micronutrients, adjuvants, Biostimulants, PGRs, enzymes, nutrient efficiency enhancers, organic specialty products, biopesticides, etc. through internal development and key technology partnerships.  They provide agronomic support for row cops and specialty crops to key agriculture partners and growers.   From high performance foliar nutrients to nutrient efficiency enhancers, BRANDT has the solutions to push quality and yield. Learn more about on-farm research happening at Brandt in Springfield, Illinois as well as new products for 2023.

Tim Kelly, Agronomist/Consultant

Tim, along with other agronomist stockholder members consult with growers on over 500,000 acres of crop land throughout the United States and provide soil sampling and plant tissue analysis on these acres using over 30 different cropping systems. Tim will discuss chasing high yield goals and what they should be based on his experiences. He will also discuss CEC, base saturations and other soil questions. He will also share some of the exciting ways he can help you grow yields on your operations through tissue and soil testing. Tim has been doing all of our farm’s tissue, soil testing and analytics for several years and is one of the best people we have worked with during our farming career.

Cody Goins, Agronomist

Cody Goins, owner, has a Plant & Soil Science degree from Southern Illinois University and has stidied under world-renowned soil microbiologist Dr. Elaine Ingham. Cody has been in the business for nearly a decade and is passionate about bringing maximum ROI to his customers through his in-depth knowledge of soil microbiology and industry-leading biological products.  Return on investment is the most important aspect of a successful farming operation.  With countless expenses on  a farm, it's critical to know that each product provides a substantial return on investment. Cody has a way of explaining soil biology at a level  farmers can relate to.  Cody and his products have been a part of current world record corn and soybean yields and he will help bring a new level of biology understanding to our farm operations. Cody will help us understand how to reach our maximum potential on our farms for 2023.

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