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Hefty Seed-Princeton, IL
Winter Agronomy Event

Agronomy Event Logo.jpg

Join us December 5th & December 6th for our Winter Agronomy Event! 


Hosted at our office:

20270 1800 North Ave | Princeton, IL

Special presentations by:

  • Paul Bodenstine, Agronomist - Ag.Systems

  • Cody Goins, Agronomist -  ROI Biologicals

  • Eric Winans, Ph.D., Research Farm Manager -  BRANDT

  • Matt Thompson, Brand Manager - Hefty Naturals 

Schedule of Events: 


Tuesday, December 5th

Meeting from 12:30PM to 5:30PM

Presentations from Paul Bodenstine, Cody Goins and Eric Winans

Dinner and Social at 6:00PM at the Cliff Event Center (1105 E Peru St, Princeton, IL)

Wednesday, December 6th

Donuts and coffee at Hefty Seed Company at 7:15AM

Meeting from 8:00AM to 12:30PM 

Presentations from Paul Bodenstine, Cody Goins and Matt Thompson

Meet the Presenters

Paul Headshot.jpg

Paul Bodenstine

Paul Bodenstine, agronomist at, is the agronomist behind world record holder David Hula. For more than 2 decades, Bodenstine has worked with commercial farms and private agribusiness in multiple states developing high yield crop production systems with a focus on balanced plant nutrition and the role it plays in plant and soil health.

Cody Goins Headshot 2x3.jpg

Cody Goins

Cody Goins, an agronomist with over 20 years of experience, founded ROI Biologicals in 2017. Goins is passionate about helping growers enhance the health of their soil, increase the crop they produce and minimize synthetic chemicals in their farming practices. At their core, ROI Biologicals believe that by using biological products, growers can create healthier soils that are more productive and resilient to pests and diseases.

Eric Winans Cropped 2x3 Grey Background.png

Eric Winans

Eric Winans leads the 300-acre BRANDT research farm in Pleasant Plains, Illinois. Winans is a well-rounded researcher with a great understanding of production agriculture and the challenges growers are up against. Winans is focused on translating the research findings to create real-life opportunities to benefit growers. Winans earned his PhD in Crop Science from the University of Illinois and is a familiar face within agriculture industry groups.

Baltic - Matt Thompson Cropped.jpg

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson is the Hefty Naturals Brand Manager. Each Hefty Naturals product is formulated to address the problems growers face on the farm every day in pursuit of healthier crops and higher yields. Thompson will share how the Hefty Naturals’ portfolio can help provide crops with what they crave the most. 

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