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One More Field Check... Its Worth It!

With most of us being in the pollination stage for our corn crop, we wanted to update everyone on a few things to be on the lookout for and what we are hearing from other growers.

Is it worth checking on your fields one more time for disease? Taking into consideration what we are seeing and hearing, we believe it is. Conditions have been right for many of our diseases, especially Gray Leaf Spot. The high heat and humidity we have been experiencing, keeping the leaves of the corn plant wet until late in the mornings, can allow disease to develop and spread rapidly.

We have already heard cases of Tar Spot showing up in the eastern part of Central Illinois, as well as several of the other I-States, and when night time temperatures start to cool, the chances of Tar Spot will increase. Even if you have already made an application of fungicide, continue to monitor the crop until the R5 (Dent) Growth Stage.

Many of the more popular fungicides are not only great on most diseases, but they also benefit overall plant health, helping to protect during pollination from any stress situations. Limiting potential yield loss from either disease or stress is crucial to maximize profits, especially this year.

Please contact any of our Agronomists here at Hefty Seed Company - Princeton with any questions or help with selecting the best fungicide to fit your needs.

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