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The Skinny on ProveN from Pivot Bio

One of the newer, exciting products we are working with here at Hefty Seed – Princeton is ProveN from Pivot Bio. This product has been getting a lot of attention over the last couple years, and from the results we have seen, it is for good reason. ProveN is a liquid, ready to use microbial product that is applied in-furrow at the time of planting. Once applied, the microbes attach to the corn roots to “spoon feed” nitrogen derived from the atmosphere to the plant throughout the whole growing season. ProveN replaces up to 25 units of synthetic nitrogen while also being a more predictable and weatherproof option because it will not move within the soil profile like synthetic nitrogen.

In 2019, ProveN was tested in six different university trials. They performed very well in these trials with an 89%-win rate and averaged a 6.0 Bushel/Acre Advantage. ProveN performed similarly in on-farm trials in 2019, with a 76%-win rate and 5.8 Bushel/Acre Advantage in 30 different locations. While we are still collecting yield data for the 2020 growing season, we do have a few results that have showed similar successes as the last few years. Here in Princeton, we reduced our synthetic nitrogen rate by 50 units in one of our plots. The passes treated with ProveN out yielded the untreated check by 10 Bushel. In another local trial (Chillicothe, IL), the rate of synthetic nitrogen was reduced by 25 units. The treated passes out yielded the untreated checks by 4.7 Bushels/Acre in the dryland field where the test was done.

Do not have an in-furrow system on your planter? No problem!

Pivot Bio has an extremely aggressive Equipment Reimbursement Program that many of our growers have taken advantage of. To learn more about this exciting new product and any of the programs that may fit your farm, please contact one of Sales Agronomists today! #heftyseedprinceton

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