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Hefty Crew's Kennay Distillery Tour

From the family farm to turning their crops into spirits, Kennay Farms has brought distilling and brewing to the former Hub Theater in Rochelle, Illinois. Our Hefty team took an afternoon drive and visited the Kennays at their Kennay Farms Distilling establishment. From the historic façade to the warm and inviting ambiance inside, this is a stop you do not want to miss.

Rick, Doris, Adam, and Kaleb Kennay greeted us and gave us a wonderful tour of the facility. The tour included a timeline of their family’s history and an honorable photo display of family members who have served our country. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, the Kennays temporarily switched gears and produced hand sanitizer. At the conclusion of our tour, we further enjoyed the Kennays’ hospitality in the KFD Tasting Room.

It’s easy to see the Kennays’ passion for what they do and the process it takes to achieve their tasty spirits and great brews. If you are looking for a new adventure, this is a must-see. Great Family. Great Atmosphere. Great Drinks!

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