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Soybean Inoculant is Proving to be a Winner

With harvest in full swing, it will not be long until we start focusing on the 2021 growing season. Inoculant on soybeans is something that is getting attention in the agriculture community recently. As we look more at the importance of soil health and microbial activity in our soils, soybean inoculant is proving to be a winner. We have both a dry inoculant you can apply to your seed at the time of planting, or a liquid inoculant that can be applied with your pop-up at planting time. Our customers have had success running it along with sugar, Brandt EnZup Zinc, and a fungicide in their pop-up pass. You can see the results from a grower in Grundy County, IL from this past season. #heftyseedprinceton

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